Please support David Barber for Supervisor in 2013.



The challenges facing our township range from managing our continuing road projects, work to redevelop the zoning ordinance, reducing the ballooning township debt, addressing the increase in crime, keeping our fire department properly funded and continuing our commitment to test on-lot systems to save the township and residents for the heavy burden of an overexpanded public sewer system. These are just a few of the existing and emerging issues that I will face with the best interest of the residents of West Manheim in mind.

 Working for you:

  • Reduce Township taxes.
  • Pay down our 6 million dollar debt.
  • Improve police and fire departments.
  • Divest from superfluous township property.
  • Greatly improve government transparency.
  • Keep sewer and water rates under control.
  • Eliminate government’s dictating of Halloween.
  • Keep residents better informed.
  • Improve trash removal services.
  • Keep roads maintained.
  • Enhance property rights.
  • Remove code-language from government.

There are 5 seats on the Supervisors board. Republicans hold the majority vote, and will continue to regardless of this election’s outcome. The last two Democratic seats are up for grabs on the 5th. Please vote to keep balance on our board.  Single party rule is not the American way.



 I am proud to be a candidate for Supervisor in West Manheim Township. My friends in the community know me as a successful local business owner and tireless volunteer with dedication to bettering the township. I have the experience, competence, fairness and dedication to work with the Supervisors' board to improve our infrastructure and bring more local jobs to West Manheim Township.


York Daily Record candidate interviews


Republicans who can't vote for a Democrat due to ideology should consider a write in vote for Frank Kadyszewski , Frank is by far the best the candidate the Republican party has had in years.




Two years as chair of the West Manheim Board of Auditors, CEO of successful small business for 17 years.

 Member of the West Manheim Park board for 3 years-worked to improve quality of life in the community.

 Reduce taxes, managing township debt by reducing discretionary spending and consolidating township property.